Sinks & Sanitary Ware

Galway Stainless Steel 35 Years of Craftsmanship

Catering Sinks

Catering Sinks are sinks which measure 600mm (24") from front to back and are available in a variety of configurations with single or double bowls, single or double draining boards (or none!), and are available in a wide range of overall lengths. Sinks can be supplied with a base shelf or with an open frame. Some models allow for a void to be placed under the drain board to allow for the placement of dishwasher units. 

Our Catering Sinks are supplied fully constructed and ready for plumbing. All frames are fully welded. We do not use screws or bolts anywhere in the construction process and this results in a strong rigid unit that will not start to sway or rock over time. Our sinks are supplied with easily adjustable feet to allow for balancing on uneven floors. 

There are no galvanised parts! All our Catering Sinks are manufactured using stainless steel. You may find cheaper units on the market which have galvanised legs or shelves. These parts will deteriorate over time and may not be H&S compliant to begin with. 

If you require a specific size or configuration that is not listed here, please send us an enquiry and we will happily provide a quote.

600 x 600mm Sink

Code: SU6X6

900 x 900mm Sink

Code: SU9X9

1000x 600mm Sink

Code: SU10X6

1200 x 600mm Sink (Double Bowl)

Code: SU12X6DB

Insert Sink Tops

Inset sink tops are most commonly used in hospital, dental, and veterinary surgeries. Our units are supplied with waste fitting and fixing brackets. These inset sink tops are available with and without overflow and/or tap holes. 

All of our Inset Sink Tops are HTM64 Compliant.

Insert Sink Top 920 X 500mm

Code PLD10950SR

Insert Sink Top 1028 X 500mm

Code PLD1150SL

Insert hospital sink top 1028X500mm Large bowl

Code PLSD1050SL-10

Double Bowl Inset Sink Top 1364 x 500mm

Code: PLDI1450DL

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Janitorial & Mop Sinks

Cleaners Sink (Mop Sink – Bucket Sink)

Code MOP002

Cleaners Sink & Backsplash

Code MOP002

Wall cleaners sink # 2

Code FWB440cp

Wall Mop Sink

Code: BS302

Hospital Scrub Up Sinks

All of our Medical Sinks are compliant with the HTM64 standard. All units are supplied with heavy duty wall brackets and waste fittings as standard. Please see our Wall Tap section for various tap options.

HTM64 Single Bowl Medical Sink Compact

Code SK-C

HTM64 Single Bowl Medical Sink SK1

Code: SK-1

Medical sink and draining board

Code: ST-A

HTM64 Double Bowl Medical sink

Code: SK-2

Sluice Sinks & Slop Hoppers

A wall mounted stainless steel sink unit with continuous flushing rim and conical bowl for the disposal of liquid and solid waste. These units have a raised anti-drip rim and 50mm sides turned down all round. All units are supplied with stainless steel heavy duty wall brackets as standard and front legs are available as an optional extra.  All units are supplied with a 110mm polypropylene waste 'P' or 'S' trap. 

All units conform to the HTM64 standard. 

All units are available as either a TOP INLET or REAR INLET. A Top Inlet would be used where the cistern is mounted on the wall above the unit (Exposed Cistern). A Rear Inlet would be used where the cistern in mounted behind the wall (Concealed Cistern). Exposed cisterns are usually stainless steel and concealed cisterns are usually plastic. 

We manufacture 3 sizes of sluice sink in-line with the HTM memorandum. Bespoke sizes are also available.

Single sluice Sink (DU) Top Entry

Code: DU-Top

Single sluice Sink (DU) Rear Entry

Code: DU-Rear

Sluice Sink & Draining Board [DU-H] - Top Entry

Code: DU-H-Top

Sluice Sink & Draining Board [DU-H] - Rear Entry

Code: DU-H-Rear

Taps & Valves

Pre Rinse Spray Units

Pre Rinse Spares

Stainless Steel Swivel Spout


Because stainless steel is easy and quick to clean it is the ideal choice of material for toilets. The non-porous, impervious nature of its surface means that it is as hygienic in use as ceramic ware but has the added advantage of being able to withstand impact and sudden shock. Many stainless steel toilets are supplied as standard with a polished bright finish. This aids keeping the products clean when in use.

Floor Trough Urinals

Wall Trough Urinals

Wash Hand Basins

9” wash hand basin

Code Model A

12” wash hand basin

Code Model B

12” wash hand basin with soap dispenser

Code Model B-2

Wash Troughs

Our stainless steel Wash Troughs are built for heavy use. Easy to install and manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, all wash troughs are supplied with wall brackets and waste fitting. There are several options available with regard to delivery of water, hand operated, leg operated, or sensor operated (automatic). The products below are standard sizes but we can manufacture wash troughs to your exact specifications.

Stainless steel wash trough – 800mm

Code WT800

Stainless steel wash trough – 1200mm

Code WT1200

Stainless steel wash trough – 1200mm

Code WT1200

Waste Fittings

250mm Solid Stand Pipe Waste

Code: LB-50980

200mm Perforated Stand Pipe Waste

Code: UK004

Hardware & Components – Grease Traps

Bowls Sink Bowls

Stainless Steel Drawers