Stainless Steel Wall Press

Stainless Steel Wall Press


Wall cupboards are available in five standard lengths (800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, and 1800 mm long) with a choice of sliding or hinged doors & are 500mm deep & 600 mm high.
Wall cupboards are fully enclosed and fabricated with wrap round side panels and welded base shelf.
The roof features a small rear up stand for sealing against a surface where items may be stored on top.
A full height flush steel back panel lines the internal space and can be fixed with concealed screw heads.


  • The internal mid shelf can be supplied with is adjustable height.
  • The top of the cabinet can be angled to prevent storage.
Reference No.Length mmDepth (mm)HeightPrice

Stainless Steel Storage Unit (Low Level & Tall Cabinet)

Base cupboards are a fully enclosed storage and work space unit, available in various lengths.
Standard base cupboard height is 900 mm and are of box section frame construction with 30 mm welded base shelves, complete with one base shelf – ( adjustable height removable mid shelf are available on request) with back and wrap round side panels. A full height steel back panel fully encloses the storage space within.
*Base cupboards up to 1200 mm long are fitted with hinged doors
*Over 1200 mm they are supplied with sliding doors.
The legs of the base cupboard are fitted with adjustable height flanged feet, for securing the unit to a floor surface.

Base Cupboard Leg Heights.
The standard leg height of the base cupboard is either:
*130 mm (door to floor) legs are fitted as standard, however a taller leg version can be supplied upon request. 

Base Cupboard Worktop Types.
Each base cupboard has a standard choice of two types of worktop :
Units can be supplied either as an Island Station (Turned down on all sides) or alternatively Wall unit (with 50mm up-stand to the rear) and rear legs stepped in 80mm.

Base Cupboard Doors.
The maximum width for sets of hinged doors is 1200mm. Therefore Double doors may be fitted or alternatively a sliding door option is available.

Reference No.Length mmDepth (mm)HeightPrice

Stainless Steel Storage Presses

Our Stainless Steel Tall Wall Presses are available in variety of sizes to order.
Wall cupboards are fully enclosed and either fabricated or frame constructed, with wrap round side panels and welded base shelf.
The internal shelving System can be adjustable in height. Units can be produced with either sloped or flat tops as per clients specification.

Quote available upon request.