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Canopy Extract Systems (part 1)

Centrfugal Fan

Centrfugal Fan

These centrifugal fans have been developed especially for use
in modern ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, and are suitable for the
slightly dusty air and slightly aggressive gas and vapours.

Axial Fan

Axial Fan
  • flow rates up to 33,000 m³/h

  • size: 200 - 1000 mm

  • small depth

  • universally usable in all installation positions

  • speed is variable using auto transformers

Box Fan

Box Fan
  • flow rates up to 20,000 m³/h

  • size: 355 - 630 mm

  • motor out of air stream

  • high media temperatures possible

  • removable control cover for easy cleaning

  • with built-in emergency stop

Roof Fan

Roof Fan
  • flow rates up to 15,000 m³/h

  • size: 190 - 630 mm 

  • horizontal outlet

  • solid weatherproof casing

Tube Fan

Tube Fan
  • flow rates up to 3,000 m³/h

  • size: 125 - 400 mm 

  • insulated casing

  • highly efficient EC technology

  • can be used in all mounting positions

  • easy cleaning and maintenance

  • integrated control (EC controller)

  • very low noise

5-step controller

5-step controller
  • 5-step controller with main protection and operation indicator lights for transformational speed of voltage controlled motors/fans. 

  • Five different speeds available. 

  • These devices are favoured in the kitchen exhaust when gas appliances are installed

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