Bain Maries/Hot Cupboards

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Hot Cupboard Types

Our hot cupboards are constructed from sturdy 0.9mm 430gd panel work carcasses with 1.5mm thick 304 gd worktops & heated using incoloy elements and are available as

Hot Cupboard Types

  • a solid steel worktop or ‘plain top’ model,

  • a combined dry heat bain marie top & hot cupboard under,

  • a combined wet well bain marie top & hot cupboard under,

  • as a covenient ‘roll under’ counter model – fitted with locking castors.

A pass-through option of the plain top hot cupboard – with doors to both sides of the unit – completes the range. CED standard hot cupboards can be purchased at either 850mm high or 900mm high – to suit industry standard kitchen area worktop heights – and up to 800mm deep, for optimum storage capacity. The roll under model is made at a convenient 650mm high size to allow seamless integration into a servery counter.

Length (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mmPower (kW)

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Hot Cupboard Options